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Have you heard lots about ramen recently but still don’t really know what it is? Let’s set the record straight.

What is ramen?

Ramen is a noodle-based broth, usually topped with meat and flavoured with soy sauce or miso.

Where does ramen originate from?

There is big debate around where ramen traditionally originates from. While many say it is a Japanese dish, it does include Chinese-style noodles and the general consensus is that the Japanese discovered the dish from the Chinese.

What are the usual ingredients in ramen?

There are endless varieties of ramen, but ingredients include pork, dried seaweed, menma (a condiment made from bamboo shoots), eggs and green onions.

How should I eat ramen?

Traditionally ramen is consumed with chop sticks and a ramen spoon, but if these aren’t for you then there’s no harm in using a knife, fork, spoon or a combination of all three!

Of course, there’s also the slurping debate, but you all know how we feel about that one!

How do you pronounce ramen?

It’s “rah-man”, not “ray-men”. Our version has miso in it, which should be pronounced “mee-so”.

It sounds great! Where can I get one from?

We’re glad you asked! You can enjoy our Chicken Miso Ramen which can be found in the Tesco chilled aisle. Our version is based on the authentic Japanese style, with Udon noodles to soak up a delicious Hokkaido Miso Broth. We added a The City Kitchen twist by including crisp, textured veg like Choi Sum.

If reading this has made you curious about ramen, why not give some a try by slurping up our very own version! It’s available in Tesco for £3.70, and don’t worry – it’s really easy to prepare.

Once you’ve got your ramen home, you just need to remove the cardboard sleeve, unclip the lid and combine the top and bottom parts of the ramen bowl. After giving your meal a good stir, place the lid back on the bowl and microwave it for four minutes – ping! Your delicious Chicken Miso Ramen is steaming and ready to be slurped!


Did you know?

Soup for dessert? Did you know that in China, the soup is often part of the last course as it is believed to allow for better digestion.

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