Knife and fork

Fancy getting away from it all and going on a luxury mini break? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve teamed up with lifestyle vlogger Amelia Goodhead from xAmeliax for an exciting opportunity to win £600 worth of Secret Escapes vouchers that can be used to book a luxury break abroad or in the UK.

Why? Well, it’s all to do with ramen! Did you know that in Japan, ramen is traditionally enjoyed by being slurped? It makes the already wonderful dish taste even better, so why not slurp?

According to our research, 67% of Brits wouldn’t slurp even when they know it would taste better, with half (48%) saying they would be too embarrassed.

Say what! We think Britain needs to embrace slurping, and appreciate all the flavours of this amazing dish. If you agree, all you need to do is tag us in a short video of you slurping ramen on social media with the hashtag #slurpyourramen, and you could win our £600 Secret Escapes voucher. It’s that easy. Amelia agrees – check out her best slurping effort!

Obviously we aren’t just talking about ramen because we feel like it – there’s a new ramen in town, and it is fabulous. One of the stars of our brand new range , our Chicken Miso Ramen is based on a traditional Japanese recipe of Hokkaido Miso Broth and features Udon noodles and Choi sum. You can pick one up now in selected Tesco stores.

For all the competition Terms & Conditions click here. Don’t delay, the competition ends just before midnight on Tuesday 24th July 2018. Get slurping!


Did you know?

Did you know that Japanese food is literally vital to the Japanese culture? Japanese cuisine is one of only three national food traditions recognised by the United Nations for its cultural significance.

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