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The world’s most famous carnivals may still be months away, but we’re already feeling that Brazilian vibe at The City Kitchen, as we launch a brand new meal with its origins in South America.

Check out our brand new Brazilian Coconut Chicken dish.

Based on the traditional Xinxim Curry, this dish has everything you would expect from a Latin American dish; fun, colourful and a real crowd pleaser. Xinxim originates from the Bahian state on the north eastern coast of Brazil, home to the Bahian Carnival. Here in the capital of Salvador, you will see the streets transform into a world of colour and sound in celebration of a carnival that is every bit as fabulous as its sister event in Rio.

Mimicking the fantastic green, yellow and orange colours of the carnival, we’ve used bright orange butternut squash with the famous Arroz Verde (green rice) and creamy curry sauce in our dish.

Although butternut squash originates from Mexico and Guatemala, in Brazil, the varieties that we call ‘winter squashes’ can be found growing all year round making the vegetable a widely used ingredient for many Brazilian dishes. The orange, firm flesh of the butternut squash has a slightly sweet, buttery flavour and is milder and nuttier than the well know pumpkin.

When many of us think of Brazil, we think of the Barbacoa (or BBQ!) element of Brazilian cuisine so this is exactly how the butternut squash has been cooked. The flame-seared chunks give the perfect lightly charred taste to the dish and are in keeping with the Brazilian tradition of open fire grilling. In Brazil they BBQ on a purpose-built “churrasqueira” grill or, in day to day cooking, use simple skewers above the embers to cook meat and vegetables.

Try one today at selected Tesco stores – you can find The City Kitchen in the chilled aisle.

Did you know?

Soup for dessert? Did you know that in China, the soup is often part of the last course as it is believed to allow for better digestion.

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