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We’re thrilled to announce the introduction of not one, not two, but SIX brand new dishes to our meal range. These will include, for the first time, Chicken Miso Ramen along with Sweet and Sour Passion Fruit Chicken, Thai Chilli Sticky Pork, Vegetable Gyoza & Shiitake Broth and Brazilian Coconut Chicken. We’ve got a new choice for vegetarians too, with a  brand new meat-free dish, a Paneer Butter Masala.

All of our new meals are inspired by our chef’s own travels and the new range includes recipes influenced by Asian, European and South American cuisines. As always, we’ve included fresh and authentic ingredients throughout, such as Arroz Verde in the Brazilian Coconut Chicken and Toban Jhan paste and fermented soy beans in the Thai Chilli Sticky Pork.

And fret not, Katsu Curry lovers, as our new and exotic dishes will join our existing fan favourites on the shelves: Katsu Chicken Curry, King Prawn, Chicken and Chorizo Paella, Hoisin Duck Noodles, Skinny Thai Coconut Curry, Skinny Teriyaki Chicken and Malaysian Coconut Beef.

Find out more about all of our brand new meals below:

Chicken Miso Ramen

Our Chicken Miso Ramen is based on a traditional Japanese recipe of Hokkaido Miso Broth featuring Udon noodles and Choi sum to add a The City Kitchen twist to this authentic dish.

Vegetable Gyoza & Shiitake Broth

This eat-on-the-go meal is based on a Japanese favourite – gyoza. With a thin pastry and a mixed vegetable filling, this traditional dumpling is matched with a punchy Umami Shiitake broth.

Sweet & Sour Passion Fruit Chicken

From the street food markets of Asia, our Sweet & Sour has traditional ingredients with a The City Kitchen twist! Coated and fried chicken mops up the tangy sauce with the addition of passion fruit for a touch of sweetness.

Thai Chilli Sticky Pork

Inspired by the street food of Camden market, this lunchbox meal combines Thai and Korean recipes for the distinct aromas and flavours that build heat. Tamarind and fish sauce add seasoning without needing additional salt and the dish is topped with crispy onions and cashew nuts as a hand finished touch.

Brazilian Coconut Chicken

Based on a traditional Xinxim  Curry with nut paste, coconut milk, chilli and tomato, this curry is a Brazilian staple. Paired with the famous Arroz Verde (green rice) this dish screams all the colours of Carnival! The colourful flame-seared chunks of Butternut squash replicate the Barbacoa (or BBQ!) element of Brazilian cooking.

Paneer Butter Masala

The star of this dish is the flavoursome and indulgent sauce and fried paneer cheese. This option is perfect for vegetarians with flavours of the tandoor oven created by roasting and searing the red peppers and onions in the dish.

You’ll be able to find our new products in the chilled ready meal aisle at Tesco from Monday 21st May 2018.

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