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As we settle into 2018 we’re already dreaming about where to go and what to eat this year. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s our top travel trends for 2018. Let us know what you think and what adventures you have planned on our Facebook page.

Winter wanderlust

Trendsetting travellers are rethinking traditional sunny seaside destinations and heading for cooler climates. Why not switch it up this year and head to Norway? Ride the Bergen Railway across the snowy Hardangervidda plateau on the world’s highest stretch of railway to take in some of Norway’s incredible scenery. It’s definitely one for the bucket list!

Heading east? Consider a trip to the Jigokudani Monkey Park in Japan. At -15°C, the hot natural springs might seem inviting, but this is a viewing only experience. The springs are home to a large population of wild Japanese macaque monkeys, or snow monkeys, who spend the winter bathing in the steaming springs. These monkeys might look cute, but they don’t take kindly to pool party gate crashers, so we recommend staying dry on a visit here.

Explore the world with the whole clan

Just because you’ve started a family doesn’t mean your adventuring days are over. Travel providers are now more accommodating for families than ever before, and exciting travel adventures don’t have to cost the earth.

StarSurf run adventure camps across Europe giving parents the choice to either join in the fun or chill out whilst the kids are entertained. We recommend checking out their El Cotillo camp in Fuerteventura. Here, you can learn how to surf among the beautiful azure lagoons around the oldest of the Canary Islands. The excitement doesn’t stop out of the waves; the campsites include a variety of activities such as swimming pools, beach games and an outdoor cinema. If you fancy a bit to eat before settling in for the night in a surf style bell tent, then stop by “La Vaca Azul” for your evening meal. This fabulous restaurant is owned by a French surfer and specialises in fish dishes fresh from the island’s waters.

Memories for a lifetime and a school holiday ‘show and tell’ that will be the envy of their class!

Food for thought, one journey at a time              

Meals across the world inspire our tasty dishes, so we are completely on board with this next foodie travel trend. Bookings for culinary tours are at an all-time high and we love this Vietnamese food adventure which embraces the spectacular street food of Hoi An as well as guided market visits and traditional evening cookery classes. From dim sum to raclette, taking advantage of traditional cuisine is a great way to experience new tastes and cultures.

Seoul – a new city with 5,000 years of history

With the Winter Olympics just around the corner, South Korea is predicted to be one of the most visited counties of 2018.

Its capital, Seoul, has recently undergone an impressive facelift with the opening of Lotte World Tower, now the country’s tallest building. This fast-growing metropolis, surrounded by vast mountains has a skyline up there with the likes of Hong Kong and Singapore. Undoubtedly worth a trip!

Sustainable Travel

As more of us catch the travel bug, sustainable travel is a hot topic. ‘Ecotourism’ is no longer limited to eco-lodges in Costa Rica but a way of travelling that should always be front of mind.

Take Indonesia. Instead of selling land for hotel development, local people are encouraged to open up their farmland for rice paddy walking tours, helping locals benefit from the visitors without losing their traditional way of life and long-term income.

It’s definitely time to get planning, but in the meantime, sooth your travel cravings and transport yourself around the globe with our #inspiredbytravel The City Kitchen meals.

Safe Travels!

Did you know?

Soup for dessert? Did you know that in China, the soup is often part of the last course as it is believed to allow for better digestion.

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